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Specifically designed Diesel or Gas Generator controllers allowing the generator sets to act as a Soft Starter for a water pump motor, and then control  the motor/pump at a variable speed, if required.

The ‘VarioGen’.

We are able to install the ‘VarioGen’ on your diesel generator set, to allow the generator set, to ramp up in frequency and voltage to directly start your de watering pump motor, without the need to have an external soft starter panel. The ‘VarioGen’ can be set for the pump to start and ramp up to a pre-set speed. Also, options are available, to control the pump that has already started at a variable speed to a pre-set external water level or flow rates. This can be monitored, controlled and modified remotely.

In 2016 and this year,  we have supplied many ‘VarioGen’ sets. They have been successfully operating on various mine sites in the Pilbara. To date these ‘VarioGens’ have thousands of hours operation of service, this has provided the mining companies with great reliability and large cost savings. We can convert most engine/generator brands to be a ‘VarioGen’.

VarioGen Data sheet Rev 2.0

VarioGen block diagram Rev 2.0

We are currently working on a newer improved version of the ‘VarioGen’ which will have a controller display, that is a higher resolution and more rugged. This display will have much improved visibility in the strong Pilbara sunshine. The display/controller will be able to be operated by pushbuttons built into the side of the screen. This will allow the ‘VarioGen’ to be operated with your gloves on which is requirement on many sites.

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